Metal Fruits

A cool job that came across my desk at Beechwood Metalworks was designing 3D sheet metal fruit.



Pokemon Go Badge

While riding the Pokemon Go train, I fervently worked to get this NFC embedded badge printed before the official Pokemon Go Plus released.

Turns out they postponed the Plus to infinity and the game is no longer the unifying social force it used to be here in the Bay. I still keep this badge on my desk  however to remember the fun I had wandering through all of the obscure, and sometimes unfriendly, neighborhoods of SF.

Porda Coin

I made a quick NFC tag which, when scanned, directs new acquaintances to this blog.

The logo on the coins is a refined version of a logo my dad drew years ago. It’s based on my initials, DHP.

Home Improvement

I wrote a few instructables, some unpublished, about some home improvements my girlfriend and I threw together in the first few weeks we moved in.

We promised to throw a housewarming party two weeks after moving in, which I can tell you is an amazing incentive to get work done quickly.

We antiqued a few nightstands from Craigslist, made a headboard from a salvaged door, and made a small table and bench for our equally small kitchen.

OnHub Internet Well

My entry into the OnHub Design Challenge on was a new shell for the router to mimic a classic well. Because nowadays we don’t need to travel far for sources of water, but we do need to travel to the source of internet to obtain our maximum download speeds.

I’m happy to say that this design won! I am now updating my blog through my Google OnHub.

Maple Plank

My entry in the Cubify Summer Sunglasses Challenge and my first time attempt at 3D printing which won me a Cube 2 3D printer. This is where the journey started for me.

Looking back now I can see numerous ways to improve my design. Most notable the fact that all of the veins were sketched individually which makes modification a nightmare.

I would provide a link to the original winning announcement, but 3Dsystems has disbanded along with all traces of the competition.