Ornament Cage

I made this for the White House 3D printed ornament contest. A little bummed it didn’t make the cut, but it was technically just outside the acceptable printing envelope. Instructable Advertisements

2-Tone Printing

This was one of my favorite personal projects. You can print a lot of really cool things¬†with two layers of color, especially embossed text. I ended up printing roughly 50 of these suckers for a fundraising campaign for my college advisor’s retirement present. It was incredibly gratifying to watch a square foot of these print…

Ember Print Display Case

A few guys on our team were heading to a jewelry show in NY and wanted a safe way to transport prints still attached to a build head. The reasoning being to show off how many rings you can still print within a 64 mm x 40 mm build area. Instructable

Summit Sign

We had an issue at our office of no one knowing the name of our SLA printing lab. To remedy that, a co-worker and I made this on build day. (build day is a free day to finish personal projects at Pier 9) Instructable

Pixar Decals

Not able to leave well enough alone. I wanted to accessorize the Embers that I use for quality testing. I may have named them all after Pixar characters. . . You can see how I made them here. And for those wondering why I would name the printers, it’s required for online pairing, and that’s…

Fallout 4 Pin

In honor of my latest video game obsession, I wanted to recreate the perk pins seen in the loading screens of Fallout 4. You can read all about it here.

Lincoln Life Mask – Mills

I had a little fun with the Abraham Lincoln Life mask by Mills which is hosted by the Smithsonian. Smithsonian 3D Models Lincoln Life Mask РMills

Antiqued Nightstand

One of many projects completed in two weeks for our housewarming. This is the nightstand that now lives on my side of the bed. Instructable

Minutemen Logo

In order to instigate a fan art competition. I created a DXF of the Minutemen logo from Fallout 4. This competition is directly with Aleator777, who is a supporter of the Brotherhood of Steel. The Instructable can be found here, Minutemen Logo.

Toy Story Aliens

  Having a little fun with a print file from My Mini Factory, Toy Story Alien. I mixed a custom resin, Alien Green, to print these 6 guys in an hour.

Moses Prints

  A new print of the Moses scan with a solid color resin.