Ice Cream Toppings Containers

Working on this project as a favor for my local makerspace, it’s cool to see these in use at the ice cream shop that opened next door.



This is where I spend 20 hours a week.

I’ve been cranking away at 3D prints so I thought I’d just share a few pics I’ve taken recently.20171011_152741.jpg20171011_16164020171011_124948.jpg

Pokemon Go Badge

While riding the Pokemon Go train, I fervently worked to get this NFC embedded badge printed before the official Pokemon Go Plus released.

Turns out they postponed the Plus to infinity and the game is no longer the unifying social force it used to be here in the Bay. I still keep this badge on my desk  however to remember the fun I had wandering through all of the obscure, and sometimes unfriendly, neighborhoods of SF.

Porda Coin

I made a quick NFC tag which, when scanned, directs new acquaintances to this blog.

The logo on the coins is a refined version of a logo my dad drew years ago. It’s based on my initials, DHP.

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