Maple Plank

My entry in the Cubify Summer Sunglasses Challenge and my first time attempt at 3D printing which won me a Cube 2 3D printer. This is where the journey started for me.

Looking back now I can see numerous ways to improve my design. Most notable the fact that all of the veins were sketched individually which makes modification a nightmare.

I would provide a link to the original winning announcement, but 3Dsystems has disbanded along with all traces of the competition.



The Ideal Scout

Being an eagle scout, I had a lot of fun printing this statue scanned by Jerry7171. I have been following Jerry since his Moses scan controversy where intellectual property laws and 3D printing butted heads. Jerry’s scans look great and are a great way to show off SLA capabilities and sometimes even stress test a system. For example, printing a rock for the first hundred layers.

You can find the original file here.

Steam Junction Coin

Borrowing the body from the Business Coin project, I had a little fun with the new logo for the new makerspace of Burlington, NC.

I have been closely involved with the Alamance Makers Guild since I joined in 2014 and I am extremely excited to see their new property, Steam Junction, grow into an amazing community center.

If you want to learn more about Steam Junction, check them out here.

Business Coin

I’ve been handing out laser cut business cards,¬†which people usually love, but that didn’t seem like a fair representation of my professional work. With a print area of 64×40 mm, the Ember is not well suited for printing business cards so I decided to print business coins.

Using a facial scan from a now forgotten Makerbot store, I used Meshmixer to modify the original file and combine it with a body in Fusion 360, which was harder than it sounds.

The Coins are ordered by their order of production. Protype 4, in Angel Grey, was the closest I was able to get before my unplanned departure from Autodesk. Hopefully I will have access to another SLA printer soon and be able to finish this project.