Golden Snitch

In my lifelong quest to prove I’m cool to my big sister, I made this as a present for her birthday. She’s a huge Harry Potter fan and, like all VT alum, a hokie for life. For the record, my sister is older than me and still listening to Harry Potter on tape every night….

Ornament Cage

I made this for the White House 3D printed ornament contest. A little bummed it didn’t make the cut, but it was technically just outside the acceptable printing envelope. Instructable

2-Tone Printing

This was one of my favorite personal projects. You can print a lot of really cool things¬†with two layers of color, especially embossed text. I ended up printing roughly 50 of these suckers for a fundraising campaign for my college advisor’s retirement present. It was incredibly gratifying to watch a square foot of these print…

Ember Print Display Case

A few guys on our team were heading to a jewelry show in NY and wanted a safe way to transport prints still attached to a build head. The reasoning being to show off how many rings you can still print within a 64 mm x 40 mm build area. Instructable

Summit Sign

We had an issue at our office of no one knowing the name of our SLA printing lab. To remedy that, a co-worker and I made this on build day. (build day is a free day to finish personal projects at Pier 9) Instructable

Pixar Decals

Not able to leave well enough alone. I wanted to accessorize the Embers that I use for quality testing. I may have named them all after Pixar characters. . . You can see how I made them here. And for those wondering why I would name the printers, it’s required for online pairing, and that’s…

Fallout 4 Pin

In honor of my latest video game obsession, I wanted to recreate the perk pins seen in the loading screens of Fallout 4. You can read all about it here.